Meet Our Donors

Charles (Charlie) and Carolyn Wheeler ’67: Endowed Professorships Inspire Academic and Career Pursuits

Charles and Carolyn Wheeler

Charles (Charlie) and Carolyn Wheeler ’67 were married and in business together for more than five decades. They lived conservatively, allowing them to build an estate that achieved a shared dream—to help humanity for generations to come. Read about Charles and Carolyn Wheeler.

Jim and Linda Balducci: When Orange Calls You Home

Jim and Linda Balducci

Jim Balducci '69 and his wife, Linda, are Syracuse University through and through. They show their love of being Orange in a multitude of ways. Read about Jim and Linda Balducci.

Allen Berger ’57, G’66: Remembering the Past With Gratitude

Allen Berger

Allen Berger ’57, G’66 has always been a strong proponent of the written word, and of sharing the joys of reading with others. For several years, he taught high school English and reading, then he was offered the opportunity to earn a doctorate in education from Syracuse University. Learn about his time at Syracuse University and why he chose to establish a scholarship in honor of his parents.

John N. Brogard ’62: Engineering a Dream

John N. Brogard

John N. Brogard’s lifelong dream of becoming an engineer became a reality when he was accepted as a student at Syracuse University’s College of Engineering and Computer Science. The first person in his family to attend college, John is grateful to SU for the chance to achieve his dream—and has taken steps to help others reach their career goals. Read how he is giving back to Syracuse University.

Rockette and John Brunetti: Giving in Dad's Name

Rockette and John Brunetti

Like many of our alumni and friends, Rockette and John Brunetti have a special place in their hearts for their dads and for Syracuse University. It is why they chose to give to the Orange Family in honor of their own. Read about the impact Syracuse University had on their lives.

Herbert and Beverly Byrd: Helping Students Chase Their Dreams

Herbert and Beverly Byrd

$283. It was a daunting figure to a young man fresh out of the Air Force who was pursuing a B.S. in electronic engineering. $283. It was the cost of technical books at a trade school in 1966. And Herbert L. Byrd Jr. simply didn't have the money. Read about Herbert and Beverly Byrd

Sara Jane Caum ’50: Made a Difference in Her Lifetime

Sara Jane Caum

Sara Jane Caum’s life was dedicated to helping students reach their educational goals. After beginning as a high school English teacher, she went on to further study, then launched a long and distinguished career as a high school guidance counselor. Today, Sara Jane’s legacy lives on through an unrestricted bequest supporting Syracuse University’s most critical and pressing needs. Read about the impact she had at Syracuse University.

Janet (Smith) Dean ’61 and John Dean ’59: It’s All About Tradition

Janet and John Dean

Janet Kay Smith ’61 was the featured twirler—and only female—in the Syracuse University Marching Band. John Dean ’59 played clarinet in the band. Their college romance led to more than 50 years of marriage. The Deans—both of whom depended on scholarships to help finance their college educations—credit Syracuse University with much of their success. Inspired to give today’s students the same opportunity, they have established two scholarships. Read why they hope others will join them in supporting the featured twirler position.

Jeralyn Delisi Lowe ’64, G’65: Giving Now and in the Future

Jeralyn Delisi Lowe

Through the years, Jeralyn Delisi Lowe ’64, G’65 has given back to Syracuse University. Recently, she decided to donate a larger amount to the School of Social Work, providing an unrestricted gift in her trust. Jeralyn encourages other alumni to give to the University, during their lifetimes and in their trusts and wills. Read how she is giving back to Syracuse University today and tomorrow.

Harry der Boghosian ’54: A Sister’s Tribute

Harry der Boghosian

Syracuse native Harry der Boghosian ’54, a graduate of the Syracuse University School of Architecture, was an accomplished architect, watercolor artist and world-traveling photographer. Harry’s four sisters also attended Syracuse University, and when Harry passed away, his surviving sister, Paula ’64, sought a way to commemorate his life. She decided to use funds from his estate for a gift to the School of Architecture, in his honor. Read about Harry’s life and how the fellowship will benefit the school and its students.

Corinna DiStefano ’38, G’39: The Gift of Opportunity

The late Corinna DiStefano ’38, G’39 attended Syracuse University on a scholarship and knew firsthand the financial barriers to earning a college degree. She acted on her strong belief that higher education should be accessible to all students by designating a portion of her estate to establish the Corinna DiStefano Opportunity Grant at Syracuse University. Read more about Corinna’s legacy at Syracuse University.

Audrey Fertig Friedland G’49: Sharing a Commitment to Public Service

Audrey Fertig Friedland

Audrey Fertig Friedland’s Syracuse University experience opened her eyes to the rest of the world and was a springboard to a career in public service. Grateful for the education she received, Audrey has established charitable gift annuities that will provide students with the same opportunity. Read about the impact Audrey is making.

Danny Heumann ’91: Inspiring Future Generations

Danny Heumann

Danny Heumann ’91 is an inspiration to all those whose lives he touches. As the result of a car accident, Danny was paralyzed two weeks before he began his freshman year but showed unwavering resolve in attending Syracuse. He now teaches others as a motivational speaker. See how Danny is giving back to Syracuse University.

Philip Huttar ’54: The Legacy of a Changed Life

Philip Huttar

As a high school student, Philip B. Huttar knew that if he wanted to attend college, he would have to earn the money to pay for it. Fortunately, his skill as a debater led to a full scholarship at Syracuse University. He made the most of the opportunity, going on to a successful, 23-year career with General Motors. Through a generous bequest in his will, he established the Philip B. Huttar Endowed Scholarship Fund. Learn more about Philip’s legacy.

Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer ’33, H’90: For the Love of Art

Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer

A lifelong supporter of Syracuse University, Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer ’33, H’90 served on the Board of Trustees and upon her retirement from the Board was named an honorary trustee. Through a bequest in her will, the College of Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) received $19.8 million, the largest single gift in the college’s history. Previously, she and her husband, Maurice, provided the $3.25 million lead gift for the construction of the Dorothea Ilgen Shaffer Art Building. Read more about Dorothea and her gift that will impact the lives of art students today...and in the future.

Chuck Klaus and Marylyn Turner: Visionary Gift to Support Art Scholarships, Immersion Experiences

Chuck Klaus and Marylyn Turner

A $15 million gift from Marylyn Turner '56, G'57 and her husband, Chuck Klaus G'05, will support the education of emerging artists in Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts' (VPA) School of Art through scholarships and immersion experiences in the Los Angeles area. Read about Chuck Klaus and Marylyn Turner.

Claire and Richard ’43 Kleinhans: Inciting Excellence On and Off the Field

Claire and Richard Kleinhans

Advancing excellence on the field and in the classroom is at the heart of an endowed scholarship fund created by Claire Kleinhans. The fund gives a shot at success to the next generation of Syracuse superstars by annually supporting a student athlete from any one of Syracuse’s 16 varsity teams. See how she and her husband, Dick, are making an impact for future generations of Syracuse University students.

Aulton Kohn, Jr. ’07, G’09: Leaving a Legacy by Honoring a Whole Bunch of ‘Jiminy Crickets’

Aulton Kohn Jr

Though Aulton Kohn, Jr. ’07, G’09, is only in his ‘30s, he has already determined how he can help others in the future. In making two bequest gifts to Syracuse University as part of the Forever Orange campaign, Kohn took a bit of inspiration from a classic Disney movie. Read about Aulton Kohn, Jr.

Catherine Long Glendening ’38: A Win-Win Situation

Catherine Long Glendening

Catherine Long Glendening ’38 had always given to SU over the years, but in honor of her 80th birthday in 1997, she wanted to do something special. To celebrate, she established a $100,000 gift annuity to support the Catherine Long Glendening Endowed Scholarship Fund. See how Catherine’s legacy grew when her husband established an additional gift annuity in her honor.

Pat ’64, G’66 and Lou ’61, G’62 Mautino: Sharing Their ‘Forever Orange’ Spirit

Pat and Lou Mautino

Throughout her career in public education, Patricia Mautino ’64, G’66 witnessed young talent and identified personally with students who needed financial aid to pursue their educational goals. Her husband, Louis Mautino ’61, G’62, attended SU on an athletic scholarship and went on to be a business owner in the building industry. Together, they are committed to helping young people prepare for successful lives and feel privileged to share their “Forever Orange" spirit with future generations. Read how the Mautinos created an everlasting legacy at Syracuse University.

Tim Nelson '72 and Rosemarie Nelson '90: Supporting Their Passion

Barbara Ambuske Sadowski and Robert Sadowski

Rosemarie Nelson '90 and Tim Nelson '72 were among the more than 50,000 fans cheering on the Syracuse University football team on Sept. 20, 1980, during the first game inside the new Carrier Dome. Learn more about the Nelsons.

Dr. Jack ’69 and Joan ’71 Nicholson: Supporting Syracuse’s Continued Success

Dr. Jack and Joan Nicholson

Dr. Jack Nicholson ’69 (A&S) and wife Joan ’71 (A&S), ’89 (HD) have long been thinking about the future of Syracuse University, as they have planned on making a substantial gift since their graduation. They recently decided this gift would be a paid-up life insurance policy that will help to fund undergraduate research in the life sciences. Read about the impact Syracuse University had on their lives.

Louis Orlando ’66: Gratefully Giving Back

Louis Orlando

Louis Orlando ’66 says Syracuse University opened doors for him when he was an undergrad. He’s giving back so the doors remain open for future students, as well. Read more about why Orlando was inspired to support the Orange Family.

Cora Parsons ’68: Caring for the Syracuse University Family

Cora Parsons

The master’s degree Cora Parsons ’68 (EDU) received from Syracuse University allowed her to nurture the lives of students for 19 years as a guidance counselor. Her bequest to Syracuse will help to provide for future students whose dream is to attend college. Learn how she is making others’ dreams come true at Syracuse University.

James and Claire Probert ’49 Hassett: A Kindness Remembered

James and Claire Probert Hassett

Claire Probert ’49 was a young engineering student at Syracuse University when she learned that her beloved father was seriously ill. Without money to travel home, she thought she would have to drop out of school to help with his care—until the dean of Hendricks Chapel made sure she had the train tickets she needed. After her death, Claire’s husband established the Hassett Fund in her memory, providing the resources to help students facing emergency situations. Learn more about the Hassetts.

Richard Randall ’54 L’58: Contributing to the Future

Richard Randall

If there’s one skill Richard Randall ’54 L’58 seems to have honed to perfection, it’s time management. Learn more about Richard.

Dr. Michael and Rissa Ratner '64: Making Giving Back a Priority

Dr. Michael and Rissa Ratner

Dr. Michael and Rissa Ratner '64 believe in helping others and giving back. The Ratners are SU Pathfinders—donors who make a gift to the University through their estate or financial plan. Learn more about the Ratners.

DeAndrea Russell: Where There's a Will, There's a Way

DeAndrea Russell

DeAndrea Russell has pursued three different careers—so far. In gratitude, Russell has named the University as a beneficiary of her estate through her will. Read about DeAndrea Russell and her unique career path.

Barbara Ambuske Sadowski ’62, G’69 and Robert Sadowski G’69: Dedicated to Education

Barbara Ambuske Sadowski and Robert Sadowski

After meeting as graduate student resident advisors at Syracuse University, Barbara Ambuske Sadowski ’62, G’69 and Robert Sadowski G’69 went on to successful careers in education. Now retired, they have made plans for giving tomorrow’s students the same educational opportunities they enjoyed. Read about their belief in philanthropy and Syracuse University.

Klaus Schroder: Professor Emeritus Endows Professorship in College of Engineering and Computer Science

Klaus Schroder

Professor Emeritus Klaus Schroder, an esteemed and longtime faculty member in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, has made a major gift to the University to establish the Klaus Schroder Endowed Professorship for Engineering. Read about Klaus Schroder.

Earl Simmons ’49: Giving Back in Gratitude

Earl Simmons

Like many young adults, Earl Simmons ’49 (VPA) dreamed of attending college but lacked the resources to realize his ambition. His fortunes changed when he heard about the GI Bill while serving in the armed forces during World War II. He took advantage of this opportunity along with 10,000 other GIs who changed the face of the Syracuse campus overnight. To give back, he recently established a charitable gift annuity with the University that will yielding a guaranteed income stream for the rest of his life. See how Syracuse University made a difference in Earl’s life.

Elliot J. Stamler '60: Makes Living Legacy Gift of $5.48 Million to Support Academic Strategic Plan

Elliot Stamler

When Elliot J. Stamler '60 arrived at Syracuse University in the late 1950s, he was only 17 years old. Now 80, Stamler still recalls the words of Chancellor William P. Tolley, who welcomed the entering class at convocation in Hendricks Chapel: "From now on, you are all Syracusans. Your time here will be an experience you will never forget." Read about Elliot J. Stamler '60.

Chuck and Marjorie Thompson: Remembering an Indomitable Spirit With a Gift of Love

Chuck and Marjorie Thompson

The Thompson brothers—three of whom are Syracuse University graduates—have established the Marjorie J. Thompson Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of their mother, who died in 1990 from an aggressive form of thyroid cancer. Read about Chuck and Marjorie Thompson.

Peter Weller G'05: Florence and the Machine

Peter Weller

Actor Peter Weller G'05, best known for the film RoboCop, creates a scholarship fund to aid art history graduate students in Florence. Read about Peter Weller G'05.

David Wishart ’07: Making a Difference Today—and Tomorrow

David Wishart

As a Syracuse University employee, David Wishart ’07 is well aware that many students depend on the generosity of donors to fund their college education. And as a donor himself, David has experienced firsthand the feeling of satisfaction that comes from helping students achieve their goal of a Syracuse degree. Read why David is motivated to give back to Syracuse University.

H.B. Yin ’50: An Enduring Journey of Commitment

HB Yin

H.B. Yin graduated from Syracuse University in 1950 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering. His connection to the University was so strong that during his lifetime, he created two charitable gift annuities that would eventually endow a scholarship fund for engineering students. His estate bequest created a second endowed scholarship fund, also to benefit engineering students. In total, his gifts to the University amount to more than $2 million. Read about the role Syracuse University played in his journey to success.

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